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Setting Up to Work from Home

Posted In Health & Wellness | 16/3/20 | Posted By Paul Ashburner

As the country prepares to lock-down to help stem the spread of the coronavirus, many families and individuals are going into 'self-isolation' and making plans to work from home. However many will be ill-equipped to work from home and this could lead to an increase in cases of neck and shoulder conditions and low back pain. Here are 5 tips to help you avoid this.


Dedicated Working Environment

Setting out a dedicated office space will enable you to work efficiently. Working from a kitchen table may not be the ideal but there is much you can do to make it more office-like.


Take a look at this fantastic video animation which highlights most of the points you need to be aware of.


There is also something in it for kids so make sure they watch it too.

A sense of postural awareness at an early age is an investment for the future. - That's my 'quote of the day'!


Work Station Assessment

Make sure your workstation is set out correctly or a best you can. Ideally, the top monitor should at eye level or slightly below. Ensure you have a good supporting chair and no compromise here.


Seating and posture for typical office tasks:

  1. Seat back adjustable
  2. Good lumbar support n Seat height adjustable
  3. No excess pressure on underside of thighs and backs of knees
  4. Foot support if needed
  5. Space for postural change, no obstacles under desk
  6. Forearms approximately horizontal
  7. Wrists not excessively bent (up, down or sideways)
  8. Screen height and angle to allow comfortable head position
  9. Space in front of keyboard to support hands/wrists during pauses in keying


Plan your Time


Go to Work: Having a positive mindset about work will set you up to be effective with your time. Even getting dressed appropriately for the office will help in getting you into work-mode. Tell those around you that you are at work and not to be disturbed. This way you can be 100% focused and get done what you need to do.


By Planning your Time: you'll be more effective, prioritise tasks and don't get side-tracked by family issues or social media, after-all you are working at home.

But do keep an eye on the time and take regular breaks and finally, when you leave 'work' then close the door and leave it behind. Be 100% at work and when you are done, be 100% present with the family or loved ones.


Regular Breaks: Do make sure you take regular breaks, not just stopping work to check your social media but get up and stretch, take  stroll in the garden and get some fresh air.

Paul Ashburner

Health and Wellness professional with 35 years experience in advising people on Health issues.

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